New Senate Panel toward Bodies Issues and the Domestic Committee towards Government Change are types of a beneficial

New Senate Panel toward Bodies Issues and the Domestic Committee towards Government Change are types of a beneficial

ten. ______ is the authoritative term for legislative oversight. a beneficial. Administrative rulemaking b. Administrator privilege c. Adjudication d. Legislative opinion

۱۱٫ ______ run buck rates and you can progressive alter each year. amittees to your regulators surgery b. Authorizing committees c. Appropriations committees d. Government committees

A quality decrease

thirteen. Administrator advantage visited become popular from inside the ______ administration. an effective. Clinton b. Nixon c. George W. Plant d. Ford

fourteen. Congressional professionals ______ from 1965 so you can 2009. an effective. twofold b. tripled c. is actually smaller by 50 percent d. existed an identical

۱۵٫ The brand new ______ became Congress’s master arm to own exploring the performance from bodies apps. an effective. Family Committee into Regulators Reform b. Treasury Service c. Senate Committee with the Regulators Activities d. GAO

sixteen. Outputs, results, customer support, high quality, and you will lead is actually requirements to have regulators companies in a beneficial. Funds and you may Accounting Act. bpetition and Employing Act. c. Regulators Performance and you may Performance Operate. d. statutes of your Senate Committee to your Bodies Points.

۱۷٫ According to Structure, the after the keep correct But a great. Congress renders guidelines. b. Congress brings new bureaucracy and you will authorizes programs and you may system directors. c. Congress appropriates finance getting apps for the federal bureaucracy. d. Congress faithfully does rules.

۲۱٫ A good citizen’s risk into the privacy of information that is personal need to be balanced from the man’s right to discover so they can participate in the democratic regulators. an effective. Real b. Untrue

twenty-two. The government Overall performance and you will Show Operate provides rather altered new towel away from congressional oversight by demanding one to businesses boost the count and the standard of all the info they provide to Congress. good. Genuine b. Not the case

Centered on Francis Age

sixteen. A portion of the parts of bureaucratic responsibility are a great. federalism and you can ethical choices. b. government by proxy and break up away from powers. c. legislative opinion and you may government because of the proxy. d. responsibility and you will moral behavior.

sixteen. The fresh new American bodies is one of the _______ of your developed nations worldwide. A minuscule b. biggest c. strongest d. weakest

fifteen. Latest authorities investing try a beneficial. spread across of several groups. B focused certainly one of several groups. c. generally used on foreign aid and shelter. d. concerned about new lead beginning off features.

step one. All the adopting the are included in the entire administrative puzzles you to definitely Western regulators uses to settle the fresh new problems triggered by control But an excellent. interagency conflict. b. representativeness. c. interagency coordination. d. character of personnel for the support and dealing with operating things.

۱٫ The new present solutions to public administration change matter new bureaucratic orthodoxy predicated on a great. downsizing. b. authority and you may ladder. c. persisted improve. d. reengineering.

step 3. ______ may appear when authorities enterprises make an effort to search highest classifications for current positions. a. Amounts creep b. Decrease in effect c. Buyout d.

cuatro. According to Terry Moe discover a beneficial mismatch amongst the public’s _____and ________which leads to a lot more governmental appointments. a. hopes of a founder; this new restricted resources readily available b. attention to politics; versatile divisions c. patience which have government; nonprofit professionals d. sight to possess regulators; state-height staffers

step three. Rourke, social service having an enthusiastic agency’s decision normally comes from one or two additional present; an enthusiastic agency’s ______ and you can ________. an excellent. bulk personal; conscious publics b. values; advice c. constituents; funds d. politics; voting stop

step 3. The latest Congressional Funds Place of work rates you to definitely anywhere between 2009 and 2020 brand new government obligations belonging to people just like the a percentage of full economy will a great. improve. b. age. d. be unimportant.

۵٫ The us government threats sacrificing handle, responsiveness, and regularly top quality whether it hinges on ______ getting system execution. a beneficial. backwards mapping b. whistle-blowers c. proxies d. congressional staff

۸٫ Regulatory administration spins doing all the adopting the main values Except an excellent. voice conclusion. b. procedural fairness. c. prices decrease. d. coverage completion.

۹٫ ______ try on the government agencies’ cover away from personal information such as individuals’ taxation statements. a good. Management confidentiality b. Legislative feedback c. Performance-dependent guidance d. Professional privilege

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